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How To Lose Weight While Using Cannabis Regularly

Adding Marijuana To Your Diet Smoke Weed to Lose Weight

Although recent studies have shown that people who are chronic cannabis users have a waist size 1.5 inches smaller than their nonsmoking counterparts, it doesn’t mean that you can eat like a hog, watch Netflix, treat yawning as your own exercise, and expect the physique of an athlete at the same time. There are certain principles you should follow in order to get the most out of the ‘marijuana diet’.

Start Exercising

According to a study published in the Journal of Health Economics, cannabis can lead to changes in a person’s behavior, leading people to be more engaged in physical activity. If you’re the wake-and-bake type, select some energizing sativa strains that will make you feel uplifted and ready for a workout. Combine this with the super pleasant feeling of exercising with your favorite tunes. Then, you’ll get the most awesome experience of your life.

In addition, being active stimulates your metabolism. So does cannabis. If you imagine yourself with a quick vaping session and some solid workout time, you’d better start now. Whether it’s simply walking at a fast pace, pumping iron in the gym, or doing yoga – find the method that suits you best. And don’t procrastinate. You don’t want to be that stereotypical lazy stoner, do you?

Pick a Strain That Won’t Give You Munchies

Contrary to what most people believe, not all marijuana strains will give you munchies. If you don’t want to enter the food rampage, stick to strains that have high levels of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). This cannabinoid has the same psychoactive effects as THC, with one minor difference. The effects don’t last as long.

Moreover, high-THCV strains can actually suppress your appetite. This makes them perfect for fighting obesity. On top of that, THCV is believed to maintain the right glucose level in your system while reducing insulin resistance. With that said, not only does cannabis improve your metabolism, but some of its strains can also help prevent diabetes.

Interestingly, even if you get munchies on a regular basis, you may well get accustomed to it over time, desensitizing your cravings as a result.

Quit Drinking

It’s been scientifically proven that people who use cannabis tend to drink much less alcohol than those who refrain from using marijuana. However, this may actually be the most difficult time of your life if you’re used to drinking booze. That’s because alcohol is strongly rooted within our culture, despite its destructive impact on our bodies.

Fortunately, once you manage to pass through this tough period, you’ll sigh a breath of relief. Health aspects aside, alcohol is also rich in calories, not to mention that these calories are all hollow. In other words, they come with absolutely no nutritional value. Think about how much you can drink during a party, especially if you’ve already loaded your stomach with too much food in order not to get drunk so fast. Or you know what? Don’t do it – stress is not good for losing weight.

Juice Raw Cannabis

Yes, raw cannabis won’t get you high. And yes, it will still deliver beneficial nutrients to your system. Many of which are plentiful in other leafy green vegetables as well. Actually, there are good reasons why cannabis is considered a ‘super-food’.

Detoxing with the herb is pretty popular in states like Colorado, where you can legally buy large quantities of weed for both medical and recreational purposes. The combination of cannabinoids and fatty acids proves invaluable in fighting inflammation and improves cellular function. Once again, the cannabis plant has to be raw in order to be juiced. It’s not going to get you high, but it will soon realize how beneficial it is for your well-being.

What is your viewpoint on that matter, fellow stoners? I managed to lose weight over the course of a year of using cannabis – a 20-pound weight reduction!. During that time, I prepared my own comfort food at home, using only simple and unprocessed ingredients. I’d like to hear that I’m not alone in this!!!

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